Aging and Disability Services

The primary purpose of the Aging and Disability Program is to coordinate the delivery of services and programs which promote an environment conducive to enhancing the quality of life of the region’s older population. 

GNRC's Information and Assistance program provides a helpline designed to assist seniors and adults with disabilities navigate through community resources and the long-term care system by providing information, referrals, and assessments. The helpline is available Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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Call our Information and Assistance Hotline to learn more about any of GNRC's programs and services.

615-255-1010 or 866-836-6678
Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. 

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What does GNRC do to assist older adults?

GNRC offers a direct connection to services available to older adults and adults with disabilities in the middle Tennessee area. With one phone call, we can assess the specific needs of an individual and provide a range of options that allow them to choose the support they need to protect their quality of life.

What does the Information and Assistance helpline provide?

The Information and Assistance helpline is staffed by a certified counselor who will listen to your needs and concerns and provide guidance in finding services in the community that can meet your needs. Whether it is a computer class at a local senior center or in-home services for a loved one, you will get to talk to a real person to guide you through the maze of programs. GNRC counselors will assist in connecting you to the appropriate resources for your needs.

What programs and services are available?

GNRC keeps a database of over 2000 programs that offer an array of services. Although there may not be an immediate solution to your need, or a program available that can assist, we can promise that you will be able to speak with a trained professional who will listen and provide the best assistance possible.

What do these services cost?

It costs you nothing to talk with one of our trained Information and Assistance Counselors. The services that you are referred to may, or may not, have a cost. GNRC keeps a database of a wide array of services that vary in cost. Many of these services are no cost or sliding-scale, while others such as private home care or assisted living services have a cost. As part of assessing your needs, the counselor will consider your financial situation when determining what services best meet your needs.

How do you assess someone’s needs?

During the first call to GNRC, a member of our Information and Assistance team will ask questions to learn more about the specific situation and needs. Depending on the type of service needed, an in-person assessment may be provided. Our team has extensive education and experience serving clients with varying needs.

Can the Information and Assistance helpline connect me to personal care, Meals on Wheels, or homemaker services? 

Yes! If you need services to assist in maintaining independence in your home, start by calling our helpline. Our Information and Assistance Counselors will listen to your concerns and discuss with you the different programs available. From there, if you want to continue with the application process we will arrange to have someone call you for a telephone interview. This interview is more extensive and will help us gain a better understanding of any physical and cognitive limitations you may have and to help us to understand the level of care you need.

Spotlight on Aging in Middle Tennessee

Nashville Public Radio has compiled a report documenting the difficulties faced by the aging population, entitled “Aging Matters”.  This program looks at many facets of what public services are offered to our seniors, including housing, transportation, and healthcare.  GNRC’s Aging program deals with many of these issues and works with our elderly to improve their quality of life by helping them through the various programs that are available to assist them.  This documentary is 58 minutes and hosted by CMA Award Winner Kathy Mattea. 

Link to Aging Video from NPT

The activities of this agency/program, as applicable, are funded in whole or in part by a grant contract with the State of Tennessee, through the Tennessee Commission on Aging and Disability.