The GNRC is staffed by more than 80 full-time professionals including licensed social workers, certified planners, research analysts, policy advisors, attorneys, accountants, credit analysts, and administrative specialists.

  1. Michael Skipper

    Executive Director

  1. Michelle Lacewell

    Deputy Director and Chief Communications Officer

  1. Megan Nelson

    Finance Director

  1. Candi Henry

    Chief Legal Counsel

  1. Amanda Evilcizer

    Human Resources Manager

  1. Angie Hutchison

    Manager of Office & Administrative Services

  1. Shannon Lewallen

    Creative Services Manager

  1. Kristen Scuderi

    Special Projects Coordinator

  1. Grant Kehler

    Compliance Officer

  1. Jovia King

    Finance Manager

  1. Dorothy Olszewski

    Finance Officer

  1. Nathan Wade

    Finance Officer

  1. Sherry Cosby

    Administrative Assistant

  1. Lou Edwards

    Senior Administrative Assistant